Kitty (_aikaterine_) wrote in springsstudents,

Trick or Treat COlorado Springs

Hey did anyone else get those little Trick or Treat Colorado Springs cards?
You know, the one for the free beer at Meadow Muffins, Phantom Canyon, The Avenue and some other bars?
Dude, that thing was awesome. I mean, I was completely broke last week and wanted to go out with some friends. That card saved me. lol, we were bar hopping like mad.
Anywho, I heard that there is more cards getting ready to be distributed and that the company is hiring to sell the cards for New Year's and maybe even some thanksgiving and x-mas cards too. Me, being a flirt, got the number of one of the guys handing them out and have been talking with him about their future promotions. As a surprise favor to him and his partner I am seeing how everyone else who got a card enjoyed it and if anyone wants a commission based job working for them on your own time? Anywho, you can hit up their website but i think it is currently being reconstructed so it might not work for a day or so. Thanks guys!

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