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Credit Card Fraud

UCCS Students Beware:

I was checking my online banking recently and discovered a few discrepencies. Apparently, someone has been buying lunch at the lodge using my credit/debit card. I know it wasn't me because I graduated in May and haven't been on campus since. I also still have the card in my possession, so someone may just be using the number.

I called the school to inform them and the woman at the switchboard told me that this has happened quite a few times. She routed me to the Lodge's phone number and assured me that they would take care of it for me. (I had to leave a message.)

Personally, I find this whole thing scary.
If you have used a card on campus, you should probably check to make sure you haven't had the same thing happen to you.

I don't know if this can occur with the student ID system or not.
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